Refund Policy

Proxies purchased are active from the time you receive them. All proxies are tested before delivery and are fully working when delivered. Proxies are differentiated as data center or residential based on the product name and description, and are not decided by the customer. We are not responsible for any bans during releases for improper use and having an incorrect setup with your current software. We reserve the right to deactivate proxies with abundant bandwidth usage or usage outside of its intended purposes such as video streaming, or file sharing, torrenting, mass email forwarding/spamming, downloading sensitive information, video uploading/downloading, or downloading any copyrighted applications or content or media, crawling/scrapping/monitoring websites for personal or public usage is strictly prohibited, etc. Please only use our proxies on the websites that pertain to the purpose of the product. By purchasing our items, you are agreeing to our TOS "No Returns'' policy due to the nature of the products. All products sold on are virtual and cannot be returned.

Digital products Refund Policy:

Once you have purchased the digital product, we will be unable to refund you no matter the CIRCUMSTANCE after the order is confirmed and the product is delivered.

By submitting payment, you agree that you will not DISPUTE the charge with your "Financial institution," "Bank," or "Credit Card company", and ask for a refund, or a partial refund any time after the payment has been made, and you agree that we will not issue a refund under any circumstance. By purchasing this item, you agree to our Terms of Service, "No Cancellations," "No Replacements," "No Modifications," "No Returns" policy, this item is a non-physical good and will be sent via email provided at checkout or will be directly delivered to your client portal. We also reserve the right to add a $200 special processing fee, for disputes initiated by you, which will be resolved in our favor.

Please contact us via email or through our discord server for any issues regarding using our digital products, downloading, or receiving our products.